Covertec produces every type of protective film for industrial products, fully respecting nature thanks to the exclusive use of water based procedures.


Removable Protective film

A tool to protect & preserve

Despite being very thin films they can protect the most delicate surfaces from damages. Think of all the wastage due to scratches, or the expensive polished finish to your surfaces.

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Covertec is operated by a team of experienced professionals and technicians with an extensive knowledge and background in the adhesive and protective film industry.

Covertec is situated in the industrial town of Sessa Aurunca (ITALY), and consists of 40,000 sqm of land divided into administrative offices, laboratories, production and storage of finished products and raw materials and an area dedicated to the regeneration of trees and plantation to help the surrounding environment.

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ISO 9001-14001 Certificates

Covertec is certificated according to the Quality standard UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008. Furthermore the company has abandoned the traditional production
process based upon chemical solvents and uses WATER BASED products only and has subsequently obtained the Environmental certification: UNI EN ISO 14001.


long delivery times

Thursday April 5th, 2018

Protective Film – Long delivery time? Lange Lieferzeit? Tempi di consegna lunghi?

  We deliver within 4 weeks!* Wir liefern innerhalb von 4 Wochen!* Consegniamo entro 4 settimane!* *not valid for Extra-EU countries *gilt nicht für Extra-EU-Länder * non valido per i Paesi Extra-UE

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