The Company

Covertec is operated by a team of experienced professionals and technicians with an extensive knowledge and background in the adhesive and protective film industry.

Covertec is situated in the industrial town of Sessa Aurunca (ITALY), and consists of 40,000 sqm of land divided into administrative offices, laboratories, production and storage of finished products and raw materials and an area dedicated to the regeneration of trees and plantation

The production line

Department of production

with 3 Coating Plants 2600mm width, with the possibility of two colours printing

Blend Room

For the preparation of the adhesives

Cuts, Rewind and Packaging Department

with 4 slitting and 3 rewinding machines

Research and Developement

Laboratories under ASTM and AFERA standards

quality and flexibility

COVERTEC works closely with its clients providing technical assistance during and after the use of our products, and is dedicated to provide a prompt service to its clients and responding to all their needs.

Our research and development department is focused on the continuous research of innovative products which are produced according to the highest standards and is constantly striving to approach new markets and applications.


Superior Style comes from water

COVERTEC is the only company in the field that manufacture 100% their adhesives and protective films water base, powered by solar cells system, this way the emission of toxic substances in the atmosphere is reduced to the simple water vapor, guaranteeing the well-being of the workers and endusers.

This has been possible thanks to a strong investment of resources in the research & development, allowing us to manufacture a high quality adhesives and protective films with excellent technical properties and at the same time totally environment friendly.

Therefore less reactions and zero pollution:
the true power of COVERTEC technology